What just happened with T.J. Yates?

Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien was certainly right about this:

"I'm sure he'll land somewhere," O'Brien said after a detailed explanation about why the Texans were releasing quarterback T.J. Yates.

Only, while they waited to make the transaction official, other teams realized Yates was available. They also realized that he'd have to go through the waiver wire, meaning that order would determine who had the first shot at Yates. Before long, Texans coaches were contemplating who on the Atlanta Falcons they'd like to add to their team. Now linebacker Akeem Dent is a Texan.

Dent is an inside linebacker who played high school, college (Georgia) and pro football in the state of Georgia. The Falcons had hoped he'd become a solid starter, but he never really developed into that for them. He started seven games last season and dealt with a foot and ankle injury. When healthy, Dent was a good blitzer. To replace Dent, the Falcons signed Tim Dobbins, a player the Texans released last season.

As for Yates, he once again backs up a Matt with as many playoff wins as he has (1).

And he's taking to his new team's slogans quite well.