Texans' top play winner: J.J. Watt's pick-six

Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports

We have a winner.

You fans got it right. With an overwhelming percentage of the vote, Houston Texans fans selected J.J. Watt's famous pick-six as the most memorable play in franchise history.

Watt's play competed against two other finalists: the "Rosencopter" in 2008 and Billy Miller's 2002 touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. Rosencopter, of course, was the play in which quarterback Sage Rosenfels fumbled the ball as he twisted like a helicopter, propelling the Indianapolis Colts in a comeback. Miller scored the first touchdown in franchise history against the Cowboys, a score that led to the first win in franchise history during what was the team's first regular-season game.

Score: Texans 31, Bengals 10

Date: January 7, 2012; Site: Reliant Stadium

What makes a play memorable is how it makes you feel. One fan on Twitter said Miller's touchdown gave fans in Houston a sense that the NFL was truly back. Rosencopter's devastation in that 2008 game stirred strong emotions as well. And, as we talked about earlier this week, humans tend to remember negative experiences more intensely than positive ones.

Ultimately, though, the winner was a play that meant something on a grander scale. Watt's pick-six came just before halftime during the wild-card round of the playoffs following the 2011 season. Houston faced the Cincinnati Bengals and was tied when Watt got in the way of an Andy Dalton pass. He tipped it to himself and returned the interception for a touchdown.

This is a young organization. Its first season was just in 2002, so there isn't a lot of history here yet. It's being created year by year; you get to be part of it. Rivalries and team folklore are created during the playoffs. That's when it means more. Watt has already secured a special place in the story of the Texans.