Titans report with playoff talk

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As an offseason filled with optimism closed and players reported to Tennessee Titans training camp Friday, they made the pledge being made throughout NFL cites across America.

They say they will be a playoff team.

"We believe that we're going to be a playoff team this year and that's what we are working to do," cornerback Jason McCourty said.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said the goal is a home playoff game.

Quarterback Jake Locker pointed out the Titans lost four games they were winning in the fourth quarter in 2013.

“If you win two of them, you’re 9-7, two of them were the Indianapolis games, you win those football games, we win our division, we host a playoff game,” Locker said. “That’s how close this league is.

"We just need to find ways to finish those games, and the games we let get away from us, find ways to stay in them so you have an opportunity in the fourth quarter.”

Those are easy jumps to talk about and a difficult one to make.

Whisenhunt said he wants "a tough, smart football team that can win games at the end, in tight situations when it needs to."

Nate Washington shook his head when told the Titans are regularly near the bottom of preseason rankings, but said he appreciated the lists.

It'll be bigger when the team surpasses expectations and “at this point we can do no wrong if we're ranked that low,” he said.

As for what to expect from a Whisenhunt training camp, McCourty said he had checked in with some friends who were with the coach in Arizona but still has "no idea."

His approach to camp as it starts Saturday morning?

“You see a schedule, make sure you’re on time, go out there and compete and play football," he said.