As camp opens, Titans await adversity

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The offseason for every team is a happy time, filled with rosy forecasts.

Those that avoid stories about off the field issues are generally able to sell hope, progress and excitement.

But as training camp practices open this morning, they know the smooth patch of road is coming to an end.

“Without a doubt, adversity is going to build character,” said cornerback Jason McCourty, who’s entering his sixth season and has not been to the playoffs. “Right now, at this time of the year, offseason and the start of camp, everything is great.

Everybody is loving the staff. All the players are getting along.

“We haven’t really faced any problems or anything like that. As camp goes on, there are going to be injuries, there are going to be other things that happen that force us to either come together or split apart as a team. And I think that’s going to be big for us. I think throughout camp as guys get to know each other even better, it’s going to be big for us to continue to build that character.

“Adversity is going to do that to us and I think that’s kind of the fun part of this game, the challenges that come with it and not knowing each day when you wake up what you’re going to face.”

Coach Ken Whisenhunt agrees. He’s anxious to finally see his team in pads -- the first time he can is Monday -- and he’s eager to see his team fight through something.

“We have to go through adversity,” he said. “That’s part of forging a team.”

No one wants trouble to arrive, but the Titans know it will. They sound ready to embrace it.