Jurrell Casey working on edge rush

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Part of Jurrell Casey’s transition from 4-3 defensive tackle to 3-4 defensive end is who he’ll match up with.

At Tennessee Titans practice on Tuesday, he lined up against offensive tackles during one-on-one pass-rush work.

“I wanted to work more of an edge rush. I’d been doing a lot of inside rushing the last couple days,” Casey said. “Playing end now, I’m going to rush from the outside, also. So I had to get a little practice at that. It’s a whole lot different, because you’ve got way more space to deal with.

“I think I am doing pretty well. There are still a couple things I’ve got to work on. [Tuesday] I worked on bending the corner around the edge of a blocker, and I am still working on that. I can’t get that down yet.

“But anything or normal pass rush, using quick moves, I’ve got that down. It’s more so trying to figure out something new to use to people won’t be guessing what I’m going to do to them.”

He looks quite fast working off the edge.