Colts Camp Report: Day 13

ANDERSON, Ind. -- A daily review of hot topics coming out of Indianapolis Colts training camp:

  • Remember the Colts' first offensive series against the New York Jets last week? Here’s your refresher. The Colts went 12 plays for 59 yards with the drive ending with an Adam Vinatieri 39-yard field goal. What was impressive about that drive was how the Colts used the hurry-up offense and quarterback Andrew Luck was in the shotgun for most of that series. “We’ve said that all along, we want to dictate, not just the tempo of the game, but we want to present the conflicts of, ‘Okay, what do we defend defensively when we face the Colts offense?,” offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton said. “They have really good backs, good tight ends, good receivers, a quarterback that can make plays, and then they have some tough, physical, smart guys up front that enjoy knocking people off the ball.’” One of the downsides to the hurry-up offense is if the Colts can’t extend drives, forcing the defense to get back on the field sooner than expected. “Overall, I think we’ll do a great job of doing whatever we see fit to the move the ball, and ultimately score touchdowns, and hopefully wear our opponent down along the way,” Hamilton said.

  • The Colts don’t currently have a frontrunner for the starting safety position alongside LaRon Landry, according to defensive coordinator Greg Manusky. Manusky added that they likely won’t name a starter until the end of training camp. Delano Howell, Sergio Brown and Mike Adams are the top candidates for that position. "I think they are all in the same battle and it’s hard to just say okay after one game this guy is the starter,” Manusky said. “You want the body of work going through training camp and that is why at the end of training camp, we will announce the starters where they are. From a standpoint, this guy might have a good game, one guy did, the other guy might pick up the next three games. It is a body of work that these guys have to do during training camp and we will make a decision at the end."

  • Starting linebacker Jerrell Freeman was back at practice Sunday after sitting out Saturday with a hand injury. Rookie guard Jack Mewhort was pulled out of practice and had ice placed around his right knee about 40 minutes before the end of the full-padded session. Mewhort had offseason surgery on his right knee. Howell didn’t practice because of a sore neck.

  • Former Colts Edgerrin James, Gary Brackett and Bill Brooks were guest at practice Sunday.

  • Colts owner Jim Irsay donated $10,000 each to five charities in the town of Anderson, Indiana, where the Colts are having training camp.

  • The Colts will have a walk-through practice that's closed to the public from 9:30 to 10:50 a.m. and an afternoon practice that is open to the public from 1:50 to 4:25 p.m. Tuesday.