Texans Camp Report: Day 20

HOUSTON -- A daily review of the hot topics coming out of Houston Texans training camp:

  • Texans for DQ day was made official this morning after practice when Houston City Councilman Larry Green presented an official proclamation declaring Aug. 14, 2014, to be Texas for DQ Day. After Thursday's practice, the Texans' offensive line, the Falcons' offensive line and former Texans quarterback T.J. Yates (who was instrumental in having his new teammates participate) wore their T-shirts that will benefit lymphoma research. The Falcons wore a variation of the T-shirts for sale in the Texans' store. Theirs said "Atlanta for DQ." Texans lineman David Quessenberry, who is battling non-Hodgkins T lymphoblastic lymphoma, was touched. "Texans for DQ day is a powerful reminder that I am not alone in this fight! My Team and the amazing city of Houston have been incredible!" he posted on Twitter.

  • The second day of practices got a little more chippy between the Texans and the Falcons. There was word of a few light scuffles between the Texans' defense and Falcons' offense. On the other field, the one I watched for most of practice, DeAndre Hopkins mixed it up a bit with the Falcons' corners. Covered by the excellent Desmond Trufant, Hopkins and Trufant collided, which was no big deal. Well, it wasn't a big deal until Falcons corner Josh Wilson swooped in and started chirping at Hopkins. The two went at each other briefly before being quickly separated. O'Brien said the team doesn't have time for fighting, and I wouldn't qualify this as fighting. Rather, it seemed like an appropriate edge against another team.

  • Inside linebacker Brian Cushing, running back Arian Foster and receiver Andre Johnson all dressed for the second consecutive day. They were all limited to a certain extent, though, mostly out of team drills.

  • Foster did a little bit of work against the Falcons' defense, but none in team drills. He also left practice for a bit to be stretched on the trainers' table. When he returned to the field, he dropped a pass during a 9-on-7 drill, which resulted in pushups for him. On the next play Foster caught a similar pass.

  • Playing the role you'll see him more in this season, Kareem Jackson made a play on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Jackson picked off Ryan while playing the slot late in practice.

  • The Texans have Friday essentially off, except for preparations for Saturday's game against the Falcons. That will be Houston's preseason home opener. Next week they'll break camp and then head to Denver for joint practices with the Broncos.