Watt takes Broncos fights as compliment

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- There was a bit of a target on Texans' defensive end J.J. Watt on Thursday as the Texans and Broncos went through their final practice together.

And that's just fine with Watt.

"Yeah, I'll take it any chance I can get," Watt said. "You don't normally fight when you win the rep. I have no interest in fighting someone when I beat you. ... That's why I don't normally get into fights. When you hit me, I don't feel a need to hit back. You can turn on the film, see what happened."

What happened yesterday was Watt beating Broncos tackle Chris Clark in a one-on-one drill early in practice. Clark tore off Watt's helmet and then took a swing at him after the play ended. An official threw a flag as Watt grinned and suggested Clark not get mad at losing.

He takes it as a compliment, mostly.

"Everybody wants to pick on the big guy," Watt said. "That's fine. You guys saw what happened yesterday. You win on the field. You don't have to fight if you win on the field. You win the rep, people tend to get chippy."

There were a couple skirmishes between the Texans' defense and the Broncos offense today. Watt was right in the middle of one. The Texans had taken him out when the next one started.

"It's football," Watt said. "Boys will be boys. You know how that goes. Handle it like a man. I don't think there was a real major scuffle so that was a good thing. It's football. There's testosterone out here. People get excited. We practiced against each other for three days. We're professional athletes. Guys get a little antsy."