Colts' Mike Adams set for start in Denver

INDIANAPOLIS -- Mike Adams heard the rumblings about his future with the Denver Broncos at the end of last season.

The safety tried to stay optimistic by maintaining communication with the coaching staff and working out at the Broncos' facility. But the reality was the Broncos were going in a different direction at safety.

“After the Super Bowl there was more talk about how bad the defense played. How we need a safety. We need linemen, we need this and we need that,” the safety said. “It kind of trickled down. Once [the media] get hold to it, that thing spreads like wildfire and usually it’s the truth and that’s what happened.”

Adams will be back in the starting lineup in Denver on Sunday, but this time as the starting safety for the Indianapolis Colts when they face the Broncos.

The Colts spent the entire offseason looking for a starting safety after Antoine Bethea signed with San Francisco in March. Indianapolis, obviously not feeling comfortable with the personnel it had at the position, signed Adams in the middle of June to compete with Colt Anderson, Sergio Brown and Delano Howell for the starting spot alongside of LaRon Landry.

Howell looked like he was the front-runner most of the offseason until the Colts signed Adams. A neck injury took Howell out of the competition and eventually landed him on injured reserve, which ended his season for the second straight year. The 33-year-old Adams beat out Brown and Anderson for the job.

Adams, who spent the past two seasons with Denver, will spend the week leading up to the game answering questions from his coaches, teammates and the media on how to figure out future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

“I don’t snitch,” Adams said, jokingly. “Just doing what you do. Basically Peyton Manning, he’s a smart guy. He changes up every week and I know that, the Colts know that. Obviously the Colts got the formula. They beat [the Broncos] last year. They’re not asking me for too much information; personnel, how guys are. Basic stuff like that.”