Texans forcing fumbles, but turnovers still issue

The Texans entered 2008 determined to improve in turnovers.

And while the offense still gives the ball away too much -- nine interceptions and seven lost fumbles -- the defense has gotten better at takeaways with eight picks and nine fumble recoveries.

“We’re much better on the defensive side of the ball,” Gary Kubiak said. “I think we’re plus-one as a football team. Defensively we’ve done our part, offensively we haven’t. We’ve gotten sloppy with the ball, especially the last three weeks.”

"I think we were doing pretty well up until that point and started turning it over. When we’re not doing things well it usually starts with that. That’s a big challenge for us to try to find a way to protect it and you don’t have to look any further than [the Titans]. Over the course of the last three weeks, I think [they] have had one turnover and [they] win three games in a row. Those things usually go hand-in-hand in this business."

Only one NFL defense has recovered more fumbles than the Texans’ nine -- Atlanta, with 11.

A fumble could well be a decisive development Monday night at Reliant Stadium when the Texans host the Titans. Tennessee has only lost five fumbles this season and will be looking to strip Steve Slaton and Ryan Moats when they get the ball.