Breaking down VY, CJ vs. Texans

Some breakdowns of the work of Vince Young and Chris Johnson in Monday night’s win at Houston thanks to ESPN Stats & Information.

Vince Young By Rush Type

Young did his best groundwork while improvising. The Titans called some running plays for their quarterback but he was better when he decided to take off on his own.

Young Passing By Distance-To-Go

Young threw the ball better when the Titans had further to go for a first down. When he struggled in the past, he relied largely on check downs, but he was comfortable looking beyond them against the Texans.

Young Passing By Texans’ Defensive Personnel

While he hardly had a big passing night, Young threw better against the Texans base defensive personal than he did when they turned to packages with an extra defensive back or two.

Johnson Rushing By Offensive Formation

Johnson had his most success running out of formation where he was one of two players in the backfield – what Stats & Info calls a “backfield formation.” That says a lot about who that second player typically is -- fullback Ahmard Hall.