A great month of third-down offense

The Titans sent out some lists this week showing what they’ve done best during their four-game winning streak and one of the lists was pure AFC South gold:

Best offensive third-down percentage over the last four weeks (NFL Weeks 8-11):

1. Houston 54.5

2. New Orleans 52.1

3. Jacksonville 51.8

4. Washington 51.1

5. Tennessee 50.9

6. New England 50.9

7. Indianapolis 46.2

Four of the top seven third-down offenses in the league? Wow, that’s impressive. Incidentally, the four teams are 13-3 in that span. [And all those losses came inside the division, as eblack55 points out below.]

A couple of other interesting notes about the Titans during the streak:

  • They have the best turnover differential in the league, tied with Carolina at +6, ahead of Green Bay (+4) and Washington, St. Louis, Baltimore, New England and Oakland (all +3).

  • Their 94.4 passer rating (which is all Vince Young beside an incomplete pass by Chris Johnson) is seventh in the NFL in that span, only 10 points off No. 2 New Orleans. (Minnesota is a ridiculous 137.0).

  • Their 72.2 passer rating against is the eighth lowest mark in the league, with the Bengals at the top of that chart (57.6).