Clarifying Manning's passing yards

I’ve received several questions about Peyton Manning's passing yardage last week in Baltimore.

I’ll let John from parts unknown speak for them all: "On Sunday Manning threw for 302 yards versus the Ravens but only got credit for 299 and [Tom] Santi had 83 yards receiving but only credited with 80. The error comes from the stat keeper taking 3 yards off the reception Santi fumbled as he got to the Ravens 1 and the Ravens recovered it at the 4. As we know, you do not lose yards when you fumble the ball and it is recovered by the opposing team so this is simply an error that should be corrected. Since you post stats given from Elias I am thinking maybe you have an easy to reach contact there. If you do, can you please make this error aware to them?

"Supposedly they review all games and make corrections but I'd really like it if this could be brought to their attention just in case. Three yards may not seem like a big deal but it is an issue of accuracy and guys not being shortchanged from a third party's tracking error. If 3 yards isn't important then what would be? 5? 10? 20? A TD not counting for a player? The error is further an issue since it prevents a 300 yard game being registered for Peyton and as we know, there is a whole big list of records that deal with 300 yard games and with the season he is having every 300 yard game counts as does every yard given his possible run at the season yards record. Thanks"

Paul Kuharsky: John, both the officials who spot the ball and the statisticians who record such things during a game are very precise. I know Elias was consulted on this by Ravens officials shortly after the game and they determined it was recorded accurately. I took the question to my key stat guy in Bristol, Marty Callinan, who tracked the game and here is what he said:

“Santi and Manning are only given credit up to the 4. The play is entered up to the 1 but the extra three yards become recovery yards, not receiving or passing. The official scorer entered it right: complete to the 1, fumbled, recovered at the 4. The play-by-play software will automatically calculate that with passing and receiving yards to the 4.”