AFC South in the power rankings

The latest ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings are in, and the Colts lost their first place votes as a result of New Orleans’ impressive win over New England Monday night.

Mike Sando flipped the Colts to No. 3, while Jeff Chadiha dropped them to second, where John Clayton and I already had them.

Here’s Sando’s always informative breakdown of the voting.

Here’s how the AFC South ranks:

AFC South Power Rankings, Week 13

The AFC South remains No. 1 on average, with a 13.3 to a second place 14.3 for the NFC East.

An explanation of three teams I see differently than the other three panelists:

The Patriots are sixth, I have them fourth, three spots higher than anyone else. Yes, sixth feels high. But two of their losses are to No. 1 New Orleans and No. 2 Indianapolis and I’d still pick them over San Diego or Cincinnati.

The Falcons are 14th, I have them 12th, three spots higher than anyone else. This spot isn’t so much about how I feel about Atlanta as it about how I feel about Green Bay, Baltimore or the Giants. I still believe the Falcons would beat those teams head to head.

The Bills are 24th, I have them 26th, three spots lower than anyone else. I don’t believe they are better than Seattle or Washington.