Ocho Cinco not sure about Houston's corners

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Houston's cornerbacks are coming off a game with a terrible busted play where Demarcus Faggins let Calvin Johnson get behind him for a late, 96-yard touchdown catch. It made what should have been an easy win a bit of a nail-biter.

Now Cincinnati's Chad Ocho Cinco -- he of 27 catches, a 9.9-yard average and two touchdowns -- busted on the Houston corners during a conference call with the Houston media leading up to Sunday's Bengals-Texans fracas.

Here, for entertainment purposes only, is the relevant piece from the transcript provided by the Texans:

Ocho Cinco asks: What are the two starting corners' last names?

[The Houston Chronicle's] Megan Manfull answers: "Jacques Reeves and Demarcus Faggins and then Dunta Robinson came back last week."

[on if he remembers CB Dunta Robinson]: "Yeah, I see Dunta in the offseason also. Tell Dunta I said be careful and congrats on getting back from that injury. And tell (CB) Jacques Reeves and Jacques Cousteau or whatever his name is... what's the other guy's name, Finnegan? Faggins. Tell them I said hello and it's on."

No immediate reaction from those corners. But if some comes my way, I will tack it on here as an update.