Rapid Reaction: Colts 27, Titans 17

INDIANAPOLIS -- A big streak met a little streak and grew.

With its 27-17 win over Tennessee at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis won its 21st consecutive regular season game and ended the Titans bid to get to 6-6 after an 0-6 start.

Indy got the offense it needed, but also saw its defense repeatedly rebuff the Titans when they had a chance to pull within a score and pose any serious threat.

The Colts didn’t leave Tennessee any room for the sort of miracle finish it found a week ago against Arizona.

So the Colts march on, perhaps the league’s only undefeated team pending New Orleans’ fate at Washington. Any recipe for beating Indianapolis right now, it seems, would have to include some mistake-making of the Colts' own doing. They continue to play very precisely at crunch moments, making that hard to envision.

This probably ranked as their most complete, well-rounded effort since an Oct. 25 dismantling of a bad Rams team in St. Louis.

The best the Titans can hope for now is a 9-7 year. It is highly unlikely to be good enough for a wild-card spot, especially considering they already have seven losses to AFC opponents and conference play is a giant tiebreaker. No, for the Titans it’s back to what-if thinking, as they ponder all the blown opportunities strewn in their wake.