Two veteran Jags would like Colts to topple Titans

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The Jaguars aren't spending a lot of time thinking about the Monday night matchup. They are far more concerned with their Sunday game against Cleveland.

Still, it's hard not to wonder what they envision as a better result between the Titans and Colts.

In the AFC South, would it be better for Jacksonville if the Titans were way out ahead at 7-0 and the Colts were 3-4? Or would it be more favorable for the Jaguars, competing with both of those teams, to see Tennessee 6-1 and have the Colts at 4-3?

Defensive end Paul Spicer and linebacker Mike Peterson both said they'd vote for a Titans' loss.

Spicer: "You always like when the Titans lose because it increases our chances. I really don't care about either team but the way things are shaping up right now, I would definitely like the Titans to take an 'L.' We could be right in the thick of things in the division."

Peterson: "I want to see the Titans lose just to open the race up, no other reason. It's a tight race. Usually it's Indianapolis and everyone is chasing them. Now it's Tennessee up top but they still have to play everybody (within the division). There is a chance for them to fall. Tennessee is just sitting up there right now undefeated. We have to take care of our business."

I'm not surprised. It's awfully early to basically concede the division. If the Jags top Cleveland and the Titans lose Monday, Jacksonville would be two-and-a-half games behind based on the tiebreaker from their opening-day loss to Tennessee. That's significant but hardly insurmountable.