Rapid Reaction: Colts 28, Broncos 16

INDIANAPOLIS -- Home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs? Check.

New NFL record for consecutive regular-season victories (22)? Check.

Room to rest until Jan. 16 or 17? Check.

On a day when the Colts hardly played their best, they moved to 13-0 and earned three things that mean a lot with a 28-16 win over Denver at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Peyton Manning threw three picks and seemed off rhythm for much of the day after he did a great deal to get the Colts ahead 21-0. The pass defense allowed Brandon Marshall to break Terrell Owens' NFL record of 20 receptions in a game with 21.

But yet again, stumbles or shortcomings just didn’t matter.

It’s hard to imagine as the Colts get themselves healthy and stick to their rest-for-the-playoffs philosophy that they won’t lose at least one of their final three games -- at Jacksonville Thursday night, against the Jets or at the Bills.

But losing a regular-season game is such a distant memory for this group, perhaps it’s forgotten how.