CJ: Big Ten only made Ginn feel fast

In a conference call with Miami media, Chris Johnson told a story about how Ted Ginn talked about being able to beat him in a race at a pool party last summer, then backed out.

Here’s Tim Graham’s take on it from AFC East headquarters.

(My aside on Timmy: He's a notorious video game and Zima addict; I spent a summer week calibrating myself against far less sedentary people, including, incidentally, Johnson.)

Johnson took it up a notch when the Nashville press spoke to him a bit ago, saying Ginn only thinks he belongs in Johnson’s class because of the football environment he grew up in.

“He’s pretty fast, but where a lot of people get it mistaken at, the conference that he played in, what was it, the Big Ten, they’re a slow conference,” Johnson said. “They don’t have fast guys in that conference so it automatically made him look like he was a real fast guy.”

Ginn is the most recently identified athlete who’s challenged Johnson to a race. The name that surfaced before that was Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo.

CJ had a suggestion for the basketball player.

“Rondo should call [Ginn], that’s what Rondo should do,” Johnson said.

To be fair -- Johnson said Ginn is fast, accepting that he's run a 4.4 40, just maintaining it can't match the 4.24 of the NFL's leading rusher.