Jags will show newness, or be the same

Both Peyton Manning and Jim Caldwell did good work on their conference calls with Jacksonville reporters, saying little but surely being very pleasant while doing so.

Here’s an example of how some media stuff in preparation week works.

The quarterback and the coach both fielded versions of the same question, both did well to say nothing that could be construed in any way as controversial (or interesting, for that matter), yet answered in opposite ways.

Have the Jaguars changed much since that Week 1 meeting, Manning was asked.

Manning: “It’s hard to say because in Game 1, you probably don’t get to see the entire plan. So anytime you go from playing a new defensive coordinator in Week 1, you probably don’t get to know everything about him. So it’s still going to be a lot of newness, for us, and a lot of film to study in a short week and we just got to get ready for what we see on film and even to adjust to something new.”

Do you think the Jaguars have changed quite a bit from that game to now, Caldwell was asked.

Caldwell: “Looking at the film they have a few tweaks here and there and certainly from a schematic standpoint they’re doing a lot of the same things. I think they’ve gone through I think what we all go through in terms of the season as we make little adjustments here and there, but for the most part it’s the same, tough, hard-nosed team.”

So Manning expects a lot of newness while Caldwell thinks for the most part the Jaguars are the same as they were on Sept. 13.

It makes me even more eager for kickoff -- as questions and answers about what happened are invariably better, at least by a small degree, to ones about what will happen.