Holt, Garrard find some good in loss

JACKSONVILLE -- No one in the NFL level ever embraces a moral victory.

But as good as the Jaguars’ season has been, their talent simply doesn’t yet match up against the Colts'.

A win Thursday night would have qualified as quite an upset. An exciting, narrow, 35-31 loss is one they shouldn’t kick themselves about for very long.

I asked Torry Holt if the Jags could view it as a building block.

“It’s good for this football team as young as we are to come out and compete with those guys,” he said.” They’ve been dominating all year and we’ve kind of been up and down. To come out on national TV and play the way we played on national TV I think should be exciting for this team as we move forward.

“These guys played their tails off. Again, just like we did in Week 1 against these guys, we had an opportunity on the last drive to drive, to win the ball game, and didn’t execute. But it’s good to see this football team battle with the Indianapolis Colts the way we did.”

The team announced 63,753 tickets were distributed for the game, 14,739 more than for any of the previous seven Jaguars' home games.

Asked about the potential for any consolation in front of the big crowd, David Garrard found some.

“I think it’s something for the fans to say, ‘We need to come out and support this team more because these guys are playing their butts off,’” he said. “It may not have worked out for us tonight, but you can see we can give you a great show.

“We don’t like to have moral victories. We definitely want our fans to be able to smile when they come out to see us play.”