Breaking down Young vs. Dolphins

Nathan Easler and Marty Callinan of ESPN Stats & Information provided their usual excellent numerical analysis of the Titans 27-24 overtime win over the Dolphins.

  • Handling pressure was a big factor for the two young quarterbacks, Vince Young and Chad Henne.The Titans and Vince Young made the majority of their big plays when the Dolphins added pass rushers. Young’s numbers were hardly staggering, but three of his five completions facing five or more pass rushers were for at least 21 yards, including Justin Gage’s second touchdown. Meanwhile, Chad Henne was rattled under pressure. In only eight pass attempts against five or more pass rushers, Henne threw two interceptions including the one to Michael Griffin in overtime.

  • The Titans added pressure on only eight of Henne’s 46 passes.

  • The Dolphins added pass rushers on 12 of Young’s 27 pass attempts.

  • Young had a passer rating of 143.6 and two of his three touchdown throws against the Dolphins defense when it deployed five or more defensive backs.

  • Out of the shotgun, Young completed eight of 13 passes, all on third down, for a 143.6 passer rating and two TDs. Henne posted a 50.6 passer rating out of the shotgun.