Reading the coverage: Jags face critics, too

Houston Texans

The playoff pulse is beating, says McClain.

Andre Johnson is just the second receiver in history with back-to-back 1,500-yard seasons, says John McClain.

Breaking down the win over Miami with Lance Zierlein.

Dominique Barber is heading to IR and John Busing will start against New England, says Battle Red Blog.

Does Gary Kubiak let his foot off the gas with a lead? Battle Red Blog assesses.

Indianapolis Colts

Colts fans are ticked, but Jim Caldwell defends pulling his starters, writes Mike Chappell.

More on Caldwell defending how things were handled, from John Oehser.

A city councilman wants fans who were at Lucas Oil Stadium to get their money back, says Francesca Jarosz. Dude wants his name in the headlines, and I won’t fall for it here. Get back to work on zoning regulations and getting potholes repaired.

The Colts move ahead and prepare for the Bills, says Phil Richards.

A look at the Colts worthy of a Pro Bowl spot from John Oehser.

The quotes from his radio show make it sound like Bill Polian was somewhat defensive. Oehser’s review.

There has always been a disconnect between fans and team, says Phillip B. Wilson.

It’s Jim Irsay who can and should say something here to soothe fans, says Deshawn Zombie.

A look at win streaks and how they don’t correlate to playoff success, from Zombie. Here’s my issue: Momentum isn’t measured only by wins. Are you playing your best heading into the playoffs? Is it not reasonable to want that? The Chargers could lose next week and the Vikings could win, but would you rather be San Diego or Minnesota heading into the postseason?

Stampede Blue: “By acting the way he has acted, and saying the things he has said these last two days, Bill Polian has guaranteed a Super Bowl win for his fans. If he doesn't deliver, fans will indeed demand his (proverbial) head on a silver platter. You don't treat people like children, say "I KNOW BEST!", and then not deliver without there being some kind of accountability. Polian better deliver, or else.”

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jack Del Rio remains steadfast in the face of criticism resulting from the swoon, says Vito Stellino.

Jeff Lageman fills in for Vic Ketchman and takes fan questions. We wish Vic, a great guy with strong opinions, a speedy recovery. I’ve been told he’s doing well.

Gene Frenette on Ketchman.

Is this 2006 all over again, asks Jonathan Loesche.

Assessing where the Jags stand after facing Indy and New England with Brian Fullford.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans need a reverse from Vince Young, says Jim Wyatt.

Unsurprisingly, Jeff Fisher won’t say what Chuck Cecil said to draw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the loss to San Diego. But he’s really going to pretend Cecil was talking to the staff and not the officials?

Wyatt would give the ball to Chris Johnson as many times as it takes. So would I.

Nick Harper’s injury could benefit Rod Hood, says Gary Estwick.

The Seahawks are in sad shape, says Gregg Bell.