Kubiak on next step for Schaub

It qualifies as an obvious answer, but I thought Gary Kubiak was especially articulate when asked by New England reporters in a conference call about what’s next for Matt Schaub.

Schaub didn’t get the third quarterback slot on the AFC Pro Bowl team -- Tom Brady did.

The Houston Chronicle says Schaub is second alternate behind Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and Brady. Presumably, Ben Roethlisberger is also ahead of him.

Here’s Kubiak’s answer:

“Statistically, he’s been healthy this year and the numbers he’s put up are comparable to everyone else in the league. But let’s face it: Quarterbacks in this league are judged in the long haul on winning. He’s played good football. It’s time for him to take his team to the next [level] and that’s being a playoff team and having a chance to compete for a championship someday. That’s what it’s all about. Tom, Peyton and of course I was around John Elway all those years. That’s ultimately what those guys are judged upon. We’re trying to get this football team good enough to where he’s got a chance to get it to that point. I think he’s doing his part. We have to continue to improve as a team and he has to continue to improve as a player. Him being healthy has been a big part and he’s been able to do that this year.”

I can see how Schaub's not in the Pro Bowl.

A lot of players who finally put together a full and successful season don't really get their full recognition until the year after that. But even if he lights it up next year, that's a crowded, quality field he's battling.