Resisting the pull of 'what-if?'

The Texans and Jaguars need wins and help to sneak into the playoffs. The Titans are eliminated.

It’s a difficult time for three AFC South teams not to daydream about the one play that would have changed the one game that would have changed the final-Sunday scenarios.

Houston had several end of game chances where a fumble at the goal line or a missed field goal cost them a game or overtime. Jacksonville had the ball and a chance to win at the end on opening day in Indianapolis. Tennessee missed field goals opening night in Pittsburgh.

The lists are long for all three, as they are with most teams in the 9-7 to 7-9 range.

Perhaps we’ll look in depth at some of that stuff when the season’s over.

For now, people are trying not to fall into the what-if trap.

“Obviously we lost some tough games this year but I think if you do your job, do it hard and do it well, some of those things are going to go your way the other way sometimes,” Gary Kubiak told Houston reporter this week. “So I just think it’s about effort and a commitment to your job and what you’re doing and if you do it right all the time you’ll get your breaks along the way. So we’re not going to cry over some games that we missed.”

Or as Michael Roos told me recently: If you what-if enough, everybody is 16-0.