Jets' good fortune a Texans' sore spot

Even when the Texans make things work, break through, and get the tough win, something goes awry.

They’ll say they should have won one more, and they should have. But in the days when they mourn the end of their 2009 season, the can also lament the schedule maker and be upset with the Colts.

That schedule maker gave the Jets not one, but two opponents in position to lose and not feel bad about it. And as the Jets are on their way to beating the Bengals Sunday night, they clinched the AFC’s final playoff spot.

If the Colts had played to win a week ago, things could be different.

If the Bengals had played to win tonight, things could be different.

But on the long list of other things that could have changed the Texans’ season in a big way is this: The Texans could have beaten the Jets on opening day in Houston instead of losing 24-7.

Once the Texans got to 8-8, incremental improvement has been the rule. Their 9-7 was hard earned, but just not enough.