Kubiak's safe, but shouldn't be extended

Gary Kubiak is safe.

Texans owner Bob McNair said after Houston’s win over New England that his coach will remain his coach in 2010.

Gary’s my coach,” McNair told reporters. “I know there was speculation that he might not be [back in 2010], but he will be. He’ll definitely be back. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be.”

John McClain says Kubiak’s original contract from 2006 runs through 2010 and was worth $10 million, but that an extension is apparently now a possibility.

KubiakI am hugely against extensions in these situations.

It’s the perfect time for Kubiak to work in the final season of his contract -- it’s a playoffs or bust situation. I never understand why owners are so quick to extend a guy when things go a little well. Give Kubiak new years and new money and if the Texans bomb next fall, then that money hangs over your head as you look to make a move and go forward.

The idea that players will quit on a lame-duck coach runs completely counter to what we think of players in a contract year.

We expect players to give their best as they make a play for a new deal. Why wouldn't we expect the same of coaches?

Say Kubiak isn’t signed beyond next year. During a bad stretch that season, someone decides to dog it because he figures that’s not the coach he’ll be answering to in 2011.

That’s a player killer, not a coach killer.

Maybe if you're talking about an unlikeable tyrant, such things can bring a team down. But the popular Kubiak isn't going to lose the room.

A coach does not have to have a long-term deal to possess the necessary authority in his locker room.

I like Kubiak, and if Houston makes the right roster moves, he could lead the team to big things in 2010.

But I don’t think right now what he’s done calls for a raise or an extension, and his contract should be about what he's done, not what he might do.