Where is the AFC South drafting?

Where will the AFC South teams draft? Well, would you advise them to call heads or tails?

Teams with the same record are broken down based on the winning percentage of the teams they played. Worse winning percentage gets the higher pick.

But three of our teams are still tied and will rely on coin flips to determine their ultimate positioning.

Here’s the run down:

The Jaguars will pick 10th or 11th, after their tie with Chicago (Denver owns the pick) is broken

The Titans will pick 16th or 17th, after their tie with Carolina (San Francisco owns the pick) is broken

The Texans will pick 19th or 20th, after their tie with Atlanta is broken.

The Colts will pick somewhere between 28th and 32th. It used to be only the final two spots were connected to playoffs results, going to the Super Bowl runnerup and champion. But now teams that bow out in the same round are grouped together, and the same tie-breaking system is used.

Here’s a more detailed look at the top 12, from NFC West landlord Mike Sando. Quite frankly, I can’t believe he doesn’t have a spreadsheet available with the 2011 draft order. He must be slipping.