CJ on offseason training, renegotiation

In Sunday’s column from Seattle, I mentioned how money will likely become an issue for Chris Johnson and the Titans. I should have also mentioned his offseason training regimen.

We had a chance to touch on both Monday as he made an appearance during the team’s locker clean out the day after he finished his second season with 2,006 rushing yards. The fifth-best total in league history made him the sixth back to get over 2,000 yards.

He revealed his gift to the offensive linemen, his fullback and tight end: Rolex watches inscribed with “CJ2K 2,006.”

Last year, Johnson trained in the offseason at home in Orlando and in Southern California, joining the Titans only for their official OTA dates.

Jeff Fisher has often wrestled with his young players about being in Nashville under team supervision during the week, setting an example and doing the work the team thinks is most important.

But Johnson said he intends to follow the same plan. Asked if he gets grief for it, he replied:

“How? You can’t,” he said. “If I’m doing the same thing I did last year and you see the yardage I had, how can you say anything?”

Fisher, of course, was ready for that.

He said if Johnson had been in Nashville for 100 percent of the team’s workouts last spring and summer, he might have had 3,000 yards.

As for the contract, Johnson said he’d like a new one but didn’t make a big deal of it.

“It’s not too soon, we need that,” he said. “I feel I fell to 24th in the draft but that’s something my agent’s got to take care of. My agent and upstairs, that’s something they’ve got to take care of. ... I need to get Bud Adams’ number or something like that.”