2010 strength of schedules in AFC South

Strength of schedule is overrated.

Teams can change dramatically from one year to the next.

Still, the only way we have right now to compare 2010 schedules is based on how teams performed in 2009.

So brace yourself, Texans and Titans fans …

Houston and Tennessee have the toughest strength of schedules in the league. Jacksonville and Indianapolis don’t have it easy, either.

Here’s the rundown, thanks to Mark Bowers and Allison Loucks of ESPN Stats & Information.

Why so tough for the division?

Well, part of it is the division. The Texans, Titans and Jaguars play Indianapolis twice, and the Colts’ 14 wins were the most in the league.

The AFC South was 38-26, best in the league by four games.

The division also plays the NFC East (second at 34-30) in 2010.

The AFC South and the NFC East are more than enough to offset the AFC West (last at 30-34) when weighed as part of these teams’ entire schedules.