What a Super Bowl would do for Manning

If Peyton Manning never plays in another Super Bowl, or never wins another, I still think he belongs in every conversation about the greatest quarterback of all time.

Not the greatest winner, not the quarterback of the greatest team, but the greatest at playing the position.

But there is no getting around this: Look at his résumé now and the logical next ingredient is another Lombardi trophy.

John Clayton writes Tuesday about whether Manning or Brett Favre would gain more from winning a second Super Bowl. You can be heard on the topic with a vote in this SportsNation poll.

Win a second Super Bowl and it’s a lot harder for his critics to punch a hole in him. It closes the gap, too, on the lone contemporary who is viewed as occupying the same historical territory, Tom Brady, who has three championships.

If Manning earns a second title, I don’t know that the next complaint from those who don’t want to like him or acknowledge his historical position is an obvious one.

It would, I suppose, be fun to see the creativity involved in producing it.