Houston's Walter nominated for APPaBiN Award

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
I hereby nominate Houston receiver Kevin Walter for the Anonymous Player Posting a Big Number Award (APPaBiN), a prestigious honor I just thought up five minutes ago. (If you have other AFC South nominations, I welcome them. Hit the mailbag and perhaps I will post your thoughts in a couple days.)

Quiz NFL fans on who's leading the AFC in receiving touchdowns, and I am guessing plenty might name Antonio Gates. But Walter? Yup, he's right there too with six touchdown catches.

Walter is also doing a good job getting down field. He certainly benefits from the coverage defenses dedicate to Andre Johnson. At least in part because of that he's got twice as many touchdown catches as the Texans star receiver and a better yards per catch average (14.4 to 13.5). Again, he wouldn't be among the first guys people think of when asked about pass plays of 25 yards or more, but he ranks second in the conference.