Brackett, Colts look to 'drain the swamp'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Although unsuccessful in my efforts to chat with Larry Coyer this week, I did talk with a lot of people about him with the intention of writing about him a bit down the road.

But Gary Brackett's forcing me to talk a bit about the veteran defensive coordinator who’s in his first season with the Colts, because Brackett offered up funny and enlightening stuff when I asked him about Coyer and the saying he uses to get messages through.

“One of the stories was, in Florida, they’ve got swamps," Brackett said. “And a lot of guys can’t be swamp drainers because they go out there and they’re focus on the alligators. Well, your job is to go out there and drain the swamp.

“Just focus on one goal at a time. Our goal is to go out there and drain the swamp. We don’t focus on everything else, whether the alligator is biting, champing at the bit. We go out there and get the job done, I think that’s the type of mentality this team takes.”