Titans' Johnson discusses Byner, Pola

Monday Chris Johnson's conference call from the Pro Bowl was cancelled due to technical difficulties. Wednesday he admitted the long wait was because he fell asleep after practice.

Here's the news story of what he said about Earnest Byner's firing and Kennedy Pola's hiring.

As for the delay when he made a commitment...

Johnson’s an engaging and likeable guy, but he apparently still needs to learn that an 11:00 appointment doesn’t have a built in nap cushion.

When an appearance during the season on the Dan Patrick Show also interrupted sleep, the show quickly cut him off and spent time he could have been winning over fans on a national scale complimenting his play and dissing his interview skills and preparedness.

Wednesday, he put a well-respected league official in a terrible spot and helped a lot of cell phone companies log a lot of minutes while reporters talked among themselves.