Mailbag: More pleas to see Vince Young

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

We've sorted through the mailbag and offer this entry in case you're poking around the Web on Thanksgiving morning.

I welcome questions, comments, suggestions, criticism and tasty desserts in the mailbag, which is like the sack Santa carries over his shoulder -- bottomless. I'm Titans-heavy because you're Titans-heavy.

Look for entries from Ford Field in a bit.

JB from TX writes: PK, missed the chat last week, assuming there's none this week on thanksgiving so... 1. You think there might be any thought while Harper is out of moving Griffin to corner and Fuller to safety, just to get the best 4 DBs on the field? I think Carr has done as well as he can but he's clearly not an every down DB, Vinnie plays a ton in the nickel anyway. Just a thought... 2. Read your entry on LenDale. I think w/the weather changing and CJ looking like he may have hit a rookie wall, they should reverse the structure. Keep in mind it was this time of year where LenDale really excelled last season.

Paul Kuharsky: It looks like Harper will be back. If he's out, I think they'll stick with Carr and I think they'd be best with Carr. Griffin doesn't play any corner anymore, and Fuller plays way more nickel than safety. So you'd be moving two guys out of position instead of just playing the backup.

They have some things to figure out in the run game right now. They seem to have lost their way a little, and now that it was a factor in a loss it all comes to the forefront.

Scott in Washington writes: Paul - I've been way too depressed to read about the Jags. That means I've basically missed all of your great blogging. Anyhow I feel like the loss last weekend confirmed that the Jags must focus on rebuilding. I'm going to work through your old postings but is there anything the Jags can/must do with what remains of the season to fix what ails them. Also I'm thankful that the economy is in the dumps because I feel like it would be tough for LA to find the means to buy the Jags. At least we should get a few more years.

Paul Kuharsky: I think they need to be sure they have a handle on everyone. That means being sure the young guys have been in every situation so the team knows what specifically to work on with them in the offseason. Get Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves and Brian Witherspoon all the experience possible. And it means being ready to make judgments on what the older guys -- the Fred Taylors and Rob Meiers -- have left.

The rebuilding has to start with the lines. It may not be a quick fix and they may be in a spot where they are waiting on hurt guys to recover. They have chemistry and leadership issues they need to try to address too. It's a big endeavor.

Ben in New Haven writes: hey paul, all year long we've heard all of the reporters bagging on vince young and saying how bad he is, but i want to see him in a game even just for a couple plays, see how it works out, or even put him in the wildcat formation, imagine him lining up at wideout, is there any chance the titans would ever do that?

Paul Kuharsky: He can't master the position he's played all his life, but he's a magical solution as a gimmick receiver? I have to admit I don't understand the widespread fascination with this idea. The Titans lost one game. I don't see how it changes anything with regard to his role, which remains backup quarterback. Things have gone great with him very much in the background. I don't expect the team to mess with it.

Randy from parts unknown writes: Pauly, Rank us (the Titans) about 15th in your power rankings. We would prfer that we drop off of the radar.......

Paul Kuharsky: It was a somewhat difficult ballot. Sorry, I couldn't go lower than two for the Titans.

Lori in Nashville writes: There seemed to be many missed or really poor calls by the refs today. Would you agree, like us fans, that the "refs sucked"?! By the way, you are the best ESPN blogger, by far. Kudos and thanks.

Paul Kuharsky: Very nice of you to say, thank you very much.

I would not agree. Fans at LP went way overboard on the refs late; the Titans lost it by a lot on their own without any help. The first call against Chris Carr was completely legit -- he clearly held up the receiver early in the play with an arm bar.

Every team has a couple of beefs with calls in just about every game. This game fits the mold. I wasn't outraged by anything and didn't sense an imbalance in the officiating.

Gerald in parts unknown: So, the Titans finally played their first halfway decent opponent with a predictable result. Based on this, we know what is going to happen when the Titans' play their first playoff game, which is to discover that you need more than Justin Gage, Justin McCareins, Brandon Jones, Alge Crumpler, Lavelle Hawkins and Bo Scaife catching passes to do anything in the NFL. Truthfully, I hope that the Titans do end Vince Young's misery by trading or releasing him in the offseason. Watch him go to a team that actually has WRs while the people in Nashville continue to try to win with Kerry Collins and Chris Simms throwing to ... whoever.

Paul Kuharsky: If the Titans get penalized for losing to their "first halfway decent opponent" then how does one rationalize the Jets' losses to Oakland and San Diego?

The Jets played great and were the better team by a lot. The result, however, doesn't wash away the Titans' 10 wins.

Vince Young owes the Titans, the Titans don't owe Vince Young.

They don't believe in big-name or high-priced wide receivers. It doesn't matter what you or I think, that's how they run things. And they've been doing OK with Justin Gage and Brandon Jones lately.