Recapping media day morning

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- OK, my chauffeur Tim Graham has safely returned me to the Super Bowl media center. I’ve got a full notebook and tape recorder and a lot to sort through, plus plans brewing for something a little offbeat Wednesday.

Just wanted to check in so you know I am not AWOL.

I’ll post something shortly off of the media day experience, then dive into the Howard Mudd column you’ll see in a few hours.

Meanwhile, here’s a recap of the NFL Nation Live chat we did through media day. It’s drawing rave reviews from the likes of Bloggers Illustrated (“Four stars, top rate!") and the Paris-based Journal de Blog (“Mon dieu!”).

We thank you for your loyalty and patience in this trying time.

(Matt Moseley’s not here, so I figure I can steal his schtick.)