Updated: Williams on Fisher and Payton

MIAMI -- Gregg Williams drew a load of attention last week for comments he made on a new Nashville radio show co-hosted by Blaine Bishop attacking Peyton Manning. Williams coached Bishop with the Titans.

At media day, the former Tennessee coordinator took more time to salute his roots.

"I'm really counting my blessings now," he said. "Jeff Fisher is my best friend in coaching. Sean Payton is special in the same way that Jeff is. I tease Jeff about it. I tell him I might be with a guy just as good as him in team meetings. I think Jeff in front of the team is spectacular. He has a tremendous feel for what the team needs to hear. Sean does too."

The next thing the Titans need to hear is who's staying and who's not out of the long list of free agents to be.

An aging defense may be about to get revamped. Both Kyle Vanden Boschand Keith Bulluck have said they don't expect to be back.

UPDATE, 7:13 p.m.: Jim Wyatt had an interesting conversation with Williams about the Titans open coordinator position after Jim Schwartz left for the top job in Detroit.

I know Fisher and Bud Adams will get hit for this and a lot of Titans' faithful will think it was a mistake not to lock up Williams as opposed to promoting Chuck Cecil, who wasn't great during the 0-6 start. But if Fisher and Adams truly passed because they didn't want to hire Blake Williams, I have no problem with that.

Hire one assistant's son and all of a sudden there is a line at the door.

Do you want a staff littered with next generation guys looking to get started? I don't. And I don't believe players respond to such guys on staff, because they know it's their birth certificate, not their resume, that got them in the building.

Nice parting shot by Fisher to his buddy Williams: " ... He needs to worry more about Peyton Manning and that offense than what led him to New Orleans."