LB coach Murphy says he's probable

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Add Colts linebackers coach Mike Murphy to the team’s injury report. He is wearing a boot on his right foot.

I asked him what happened, so I will let him do the talking from here:

“I cracked the non-weight-bearing bone in my ankle. I was walking home with chicken wings and stepped off the edge of my walk and fell into the bushes on Friday and cracked my ankle. There was ice on the side. I didn’t drop the chicken wings though. And the guy that I was with had another batch. Instead of picking me up, he took my chicken wings in the house, then they came back to get me. I ate a couple of wings and put some ice on it.

“The next day when I got up and had to crawl to the bathroom I said, ‘I think maybe I better go see the trainers.’ I’ve just got to wear a boot and I’m probable. As long as I can get my pants on, I’m OK.”

Murphy said he already knows never to stand near a first-down marker, and that while the linebackers aren’t giving him any grief, he’s also not getting any sympathy.

“When they get hurt, you don’t ask them, you just expect them to go,” he said. “So they’re expecting me to do the same. I’ll be there. I won’t be moving fast though.”