Eddie George envious of Chris Johnson

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Finally had a chance to wander around radio row for a bit and bumped into Eddie George.

He looks, unsurprisingly, same as ever. And it was good to see him smiling. Last time we talked was at Steve McNair’s memorial.

Here’s the short conversation I had with him:

On Chris Johnson: “What can you say? It was amazing to watch. And I was envious, because every running back wishes he could have a 2,000-yard season. He just made it look so easy. His speed is second to none. How he manages his speed in traffic is unreal. He’s a special back."

On the 2009 Titans’ 0-6 start: “They should have been a playoff team. But they still had injuries in the secondary, still didn’t get the rush they would have liked to have had after losing Albert Haynesworth. Given that, I think they found some gems in Chris Johnson and Vince Young’s really come around to be the future quarterback so you have to look forward to the future.”

On whether he’s now more detached from the franchise since almost all his teammates are gone: “Keith Bulluck is the last one. I think Jeff Fisher is always my lifeline back to the Titans.”