JDR on Garrard: Harsh and true

We can debate the merits of Jack Del Rio’s approach. Some applaud him for being honest. Others crush him for throwing a guy under the bus.

Whichever is your view, I think what he said on "Rome is Burning" Thursday is the widely held opinion about David Garrard.

He can be good when surrounded by good players and with things going as drawn up. But he’s not an elite quarterback. That’s not scandalous to say out loud. It’s true.

That it’s his coach saying it outside meeting rooms at team headquarters is the surprise.

Garrard is due a base salary of just under $8 million this season. Del Rio was part of the regime that signed off on a six-year, $60 million contract that was premature.

Now, JDR's got to get his team above .500 and into the playoffs.

Seems like his campaign for a new guy, likely cheaper with more upside and less experience, is underway, and that he’s taken it public.