Colts red zone defense great during win streak

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

No surprise: The Colts are the league's best team at scoring touchdowns once they reach the red zone, getting six points 71.9 percent of the time it crosses the opponents 20.

Moderate surprise: They are fourth in red zone touchdown defense, allowing six points just 42.1 percent of the time.

Big surprise: During their current five-game winning streak, they are really clamping down defensively in the red zone.

ESPN Stats & Analysis provided these numbers, which shows Indianapolis is only allowing touchdowns 35.3 percent of the time over the last five games, when they've help opponents to 2.2 yards per play.

Things may get better: Sunday the Colts host Cincinnati and the Bengals are hardly a great scoring offense -- from in or out of the red zone.