MJD: Too much pressure for Tebow in Jax

Maurice Jones-Drew is a smart guy.

And he was especially smart on the subject of Tim Tebow as a potential teammate with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On the Dan Patrick Show Friday, MJD offered this take on Tebow:

"Let me tell you the truth. I think Tim would come to Jacksonville and there would be so much pressure on him because what he did at Florida, he is from the city, everybody is going to be all hyped up about it and if he doesn’t play well, which we hope he would, if he doesn’t play well, what is that going to do to his confidence?”

Way too many people are making Tebow-to-Jacksonville a foregone conclusion. I don't think it happens. Gene Smith is a scout, not a marketing man. We talked about that back in December.

For more of the interview and a link to the audio from Sports Radio Interviews, head here.