Help pick the All-AFC South Team

You asked for it, you got it.

With this post we officially set in motion our first All AFC South Team.

I seek your input, but want desperately to hear from those of you who will take it beyond the sort of popularity contest I tail against in fan voting for the Pro Bowl. We need to be serious-minded here, as so many of these guys have big bonuses tied to our decisions.

So stealing from some of my blogging brethren, I’ve sketched out what I consider to be the obvious members of the team, given a choice where I see a two-man battle and left question marks in the places where no clear winner jumped out at me.

You are invited to help me fill in the blanks or talk me out of any of the guys I’ve got penciled in if you find reasonable objections. Comment below or hit me with a note to the mailbag.

Within a week, I’ll revisit and officially name the team.

And before this debate gets started, a comment on one reason not to attempt this: Players like Matt Schaub and Maurice Jones-Drew had outstanding seasons. They might be all division anywhere else in the league. But for our project, they have the misfortune of being in the same division as Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson.

So if your team’s best guys happen to play the wrong positions, they could end up missing out. And if they play the right positions, they could get a bit lucky.

Such is the nature of pulling a couple starting teams of all stars of just four rosters.

I hope it proves a fun exercise for us all.