AFC South worst in special teams

Better late than never on this one.

Rich Gosselin’s annual special-teams ratings are highly respected around the league, and by his calculation, the AFC South stinks.

The four teams in the division have an average ranking of 26.5 out of 32, with the NFC North second worst at 17.75.

Houston was 22nd, Tennessee 26th, Indianapolis 28th and Jacksonville 30th.


All four teams need work on special teams for sure.

But let’s keep in mind that great special teams hardly correlates with great records.

Cleveland is No. 1 and the Browns won five games. Even with some bad special teams, the AFC South won a league-best 38 games. The AFC Champion Colts were 28th and the Super Bowl Champion Saints were 29th. (Though the Saints won special teams by a mile in the Super Bowl, which made a big difference.)