Reading the coverage: Taylor 16th on all-time rushing list

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Three wins for the division, a clinched playoff spot and bye for the Titans, and a lot to sort through on the Monday after Week 14 games.

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Houston Texans

  • The Texans overcame a lot and proved mentally tough during their win in Green Bay, writes John McClain.

  • A record day was tarnished by turnovers, says Dale Robertson.

  • Richard Justice thinks the Texans may very well be changing in fundamental ways.

  • Kris Brown nailed the 40-yard field goal as time expired, writes McClain.

  • Gary Kubiak's two-point gamble paid off, says McClain.

  • Matt Schaub gets quarterbacks an "A" in the Chronicle's report card.

  • Skill players and offensive linemen were sleeveless even though the temperature was in single digits at Lambeau Field, says Dale Robertson.

Indianapolis Colts

  • The Colts needed a laugher and got one with a route of Cincinnati, writes Phil Richards.

  • Bob Kravitz's report card runs from "A" to "D-minus."

  • Peyton Manning and Dominic Rhodes decline to admit this one was easy, writes Mike Chappell.

  • The Colts stuck with two tight ends a lot, which meant only six plays for Anthony Gonzalez, who made the most of them, according to Chappell.

  • All was well with a defense that got Bob Sanders back but was missing Gary Brackett, says Phillip B. Wilson.

  • Wilson's running blog entry on the game.

  • Tom James' game story.

  • Keiwan Ratliff can't believe how far the Bengals have fallen, writes James.

  • Clark Judge puts Manning's MVP campaign on the list of things he likes.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans