Mailbag: Position change requests

Jahon in Carlsbad, CA writes: Paul, Since the Texans are letting Dunta walk, do you think they will make a play for Nnamdi Asomugha? Granted he has a huge salary, but he would also be a huge upgrade. Thanks, Jahon

Paul Kuharsky: Noooooooo.

Huge contract and would come with a steep price in draft picks. They can’t afford that with the needs they have beyond corner.

Peter in Nashville wants to know if I see the Titans chasing Dunta Robinson. “I know he isn't the shut down corner he was a few years ago, but he is still very good and would be great when paired with Cortland Finnegan. Is the price too high or will the Titans go for it? The Titans are not cheap, but certainly careful when it comes to signing players. Thoughts?

Paul Kuharsky: Just because a corner with a recognizable name comes free he’s not automatically the right guy for the Titans.

It takes more than that. He’s probably on the downside -- he gave up some big plays last year, he's had a major injury. He’s going to be expensive. They are looking for upside and value. A non-match from my vantage point.

snozzberry in naptown writes: If San Diego gets rid of Darren Sproles, do you see the Colts making a move acquiring him? There is the rule of the final eight to contend with so maybe they would have to release somebody like say Bob Sanders, who would be picked by another team without a doubt. Or what about dropping Joe Addai?

Paul Kuharsky: Please list all the big-time outside free agents the Colts under Bill Polian have brought in?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Joe Addai, who’s going nowhere. Releasing Sanders doesn’t amount to having a free agent signed away, so it would do nothing to help them with the Final Eight rule.

Polian hasn’t been compelled to get a big time returner for years and is pretty set in his ways. If he changes them now, we’ll see it in the draft not with Sproles.

This edition of “My Primary Complaint” hits on some of this offseason fantasy football.

Colby in Houston writes: Hi Paul, Hoping you can clear something up for me. Assuming an uncapped year, how does D. Robinson leaving Houston affect the team in free agency? Doesn't a team have to lose a high profile free agent before they can sign another or is that just for the final eight playoff teams? Is this a signal that Houston may be willing to go after a higher profile free agent? Also, do they receive any compensation like a supplemental draft pick for losing a D. Rob? Thanks

Paul Kuharsky: It doesn’t affect them at all, except that they have a hole at corner and they are down one expensive salary.

They can sign anyone they want -- only the final eight can’t -- but I wouldn’t expect them to be major players in free agency. Maybe one big swing like they did with Antonio Smith last year, and that would leave them with one less need in the draft.

They’ll get a supplemental draft pick for Robinson in the 2011 draft.

Joseph in Kingsport, TN writes: Paul, love the column. Check it obsessively throughout the day. Keep up the wonderful work. Love the detail, insight, non-bias (or is anti-bias a better description of your view? hmmm I'm not quite so sure), and your love for the game of football itself. Being as how you covered the Titans closely for awhile, I'm sure you have plenty of memories of the Titans organization and players. I was just curious, what is your favorite memory of Steve McNair that you'd like to share with us, your faithful readers? Sorry for the nostalgia.

Paul Kuharsky: You are very kind and I appreciate it. Please keep clicking.

The first one that jumps to mind on McNair, and I’ve written about it:

In 1998, when they were still at their temporary facility on the outskirts of Nashville, he came out early for practice. Unprovoked he whimsically took a bunch of blocking pads in the offensive line area, built himself into a teepee, and sat in there doing quiet Native American style chants. Kind of makes me laugh picturing it. Just kind of symbolic of his looseness and humor.

Shaun in Nashville, TN writes: Paul, Is there any chance that the Titans move Vincent Fuller to corner, and let one of the young guys play the nickel while they mature? Does Fuller have the skill set to play corner?

Paul Kuharsky: No, he doesn’t. He’s not an outside cover guy. He’s a safety who’s very good covering an inside receiver. You weaken yourself at two spots if you try to move him outside.

Dustin in Stanford CA writes: Hey Paul, I was wondering where I could find the dates of all of the important off season events? (Combine, Start of Free Agency, Compensatory Draft Pick Announcements, Supplemental Draft, etc.) Thanks!

Paul Kuharsky: Here is a good list.

Peter in Nashville writes: Hey Paul, It seems like of all the years to trade away your 2nd round pick, this was a bad year to do it. I am not saying Jared Cook isn't going to pan out, but with a draft class this deep, it seems unfortunate. Titans could have gotten a very good insurance policy on Young by drafting a good QB in the second round without raising the scrutiny of drafting one in the 1st round. Thoughts?

Paul Kuharsky: Never a great year not to have one -- second round picks are often the value/production home run. (The Titans with Cook and the Jaguars with Derek Cox both traded seconds to New England for thirds last year. AFC South helping rebuild the Patriots.) VY's their guy, so I'm not sure that second would have been a quarterback with all the needs they have.

Unless Cook turns into a Antonio Gates or Anthony Gonzalez, it’s easy to second guess. But last year you would have said nice to see them be aggressive. And it’s way too early for us to determine just what they got in Cook.

Henry Milton from parts unknown writes: I know that the Titans have needs on defense, but Kenny Britt, Justin Gage, Nate Washington, Bo Scaife and Alge Crumpler aren't nearly enough catching the football even if they had Peyton Manning throwing it. Help isn't going to come from Paul Williams and Lavelle Hawkins, and they can't count on Jared Cook. What are the Titans going to do to get better on the offensive side of the ball?

Paul Kuharsky: I disagree completely.

You failed to mention the team’s No. 1 offensive weapon, Chris Johnson. And Vince Young’s a huge run threat. With those two, a receiving trio of Britt, Washington and Gage with Scaife and Johnson as additional outlets is plenty good enough to win with. Why debate the fourth receiver? Under Heimerdinger, that guy isn’t not playing unless one of the three ahead of him is hurt.

Cook may still be great. He’s going to get every chance and it’s far too early to judge.

The primary thing they are going to do to get better on offense, I think, is get better on defense.

And the Titans top three receivers would all be very good with Peyton Manning throwing to them.

larod201 in New Orleans, LA writes: Do you think Jason Jones has the skills to move to DE for the Titans, at least on running downs? A lot of people had him projected there when he came out of college and he seems to lack the bulk to play inside & stay healthy. It would give the Titans more flexibility in this year's draft if he could. What's your opinion?

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, he could play defensive end. But he’s not as good there as he is at tackle. They want him to work the weights and become sturdier, and I expect he will. If you move him, then you have a hole at tackle. So why put him at his lesser position when you have to fill a spot anyway?