AFC South: Where Tim Tebow might land

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play QB or some other position in the NFL? Let's assess his chances of landing in the AFC South.

Houston: Ideally you'd like a backup whose strength matches the starter's. That would be difficult with Tebow in Matt Schaub's offense. The team signed Dan Orlovsky to a pricey backup contract last year, then installed Rex Grossman as the No. 2 when he outplayed Orlovsky in camp. If they are especially active in free agency and whittle down their needs list, maybe they take a late flier on him. But with the crowd at quarterback, versatile Rice tight end James Casey selected in the fifth round last year and a reasonably long list of other priorities, Tebow does not seem like a fit.

Draft probability: Super low.

Indianapolis: A lot of analysts have used the Colts as an example of the sort of team Tebow needs to wind up with. In a stable, winning organization with no quarterback uncertainty, he would have the time to develop and find out whether he's a signal-caller or another niche. That's nice, but the Colts made the rare move of drafting a guy they hope to develop last year in Curtis Painter and then carried three quarterbacks until backup Jim Sorgi got hurt. Dallas Clark is one of the league's top-flight tight ends, and they already have great options out of the slot with Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez.

Draft probability: Low.

Jacksonville: The Jaguars drafted a quarterback with a slow wind-up at No. 7 overall in 2003 and Byron Leftwich has been gone a couple of years already. Tons of people automatically put Tebow in Jacksonville because he's a local guy who would be a huge story. But the Jaguars are not going to let their marketing people make their picks. They've swung and missed at a lot of Florida guys. They don't have a second-round pick because they traded it last year for a third-rounder (Derek Cox). They spent a sixth-rounder on quarterback-turned-tight end Zach Miller in 2009 and second-year GM Gene Smith needs another talented class that can contribute right away. All strikes against Tebow in my eyes. If he is to land in Jacksonville, it would have to be in the fourth round or later.

Draft probability: Low.

Tennessee: The Titans could well be in the market for a young backup to develop into an insurance policy behind Vince Young, but because they're dealing with a starter who's not a traditional pocket passer, I'd sure hope they'd think about a traditional pocket passer. If Tebow is to become some sort of H-back , perhaps he'd fit. But right now the Titans are expected to have Bo Scaife, Jared Cook and Craig Stevens around, with the possibility of Alge Crumpler too. The Titans have a lot of roster replenishing to do and lack a second-rounder from the trade that brought them Cook.

Draft probability: Low.