Vanden Bosch bids Nashville farewell

I was still at 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, where I contribute three mornings a week, when Kyle Vanden Bosch called it to say he had signed with Detroit and say a goodbye to Nashville.

He was classy as they come, as usual, and shared good details of Jim Schwartz’s late-night visit with Mark Howard and me.

KVB lives in a gated community, and said Schwartz called him from the gate at 11:01 CT, and visited with Vanden Bosch and his wife until about 2:30.

The deal was finalized Friday morning. Jim Wyatt says the four-year package is worth $26 million with $10 million in the first season.

“[Schwartz] said, ‘I could be anywhere in the country right now and I’m on your front step because you’re the guy I want,’” Vanden Bosch said. “…He’s a great coach, and last night he was a great salesman.”

While KVB talked to no one else, he said Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle had made inquiries.

He goes from Nashville, a vibrant, growing city to Detroit, which has been hard hit by the bad economy.

“If we come out and play well next year, that city is going to go crazy,” he said. “I’m a blue collar guy and that’s the people of Detroit.”

As for the Titans, he said “silence told me they weren’t going to try to keep me.” But he graciously thanks fans and franchise before the interview ended.

I’m heading into my 16th season covering the league and have never dealt with a better guy. But that’s not why a team decides to sign him or not.

He was not near the player he’s been in the past in 2009. He will give the Lions incredible effort and leadership. He’ll have to prove those qualities can still help produce an effective rush that will knock down some quarterbacks.