Roos expects to be stronger, better run-blocker

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans are touting left tackle Michael Roos as the only left tackle in the NFL who has started every game and not allowed at least a half sack, according to STATS.

STATS says Roos joins Denver Broncos tackles Ryan Clady and Ryan Harris as the only tackles in the NFL who have not yet surrendered a full sack in 13 starts. Clady and Harris each have allowed a half sack.

To his credit, Roos said that's not accurate by his count. He said he gave up a sack at Cincinnati on Sept. 14 when former teammate Antwan Odom got by him and forced a Kerry Collins fumble.

When details of quality pass protection come to light, the obvious question is about something with less statistical evidence. Is Roos as good a run-blocker?

"I personally think I am a better pass-blocker than run-blocker, yes," he said. "I am not the strongest guy out there. So it's one of those things I try to work on every year, keeping pad level down and getting stronger. At times, guys get off the blocks off me a little bit more than I'd like. I try to work on it every week -- hand placement, using my leverage, using their momentum and all those little things, the game within the game that you've got to play."

"I think I have some strength to gain. It's one of those things where you can't really do much during the season. Once the offseason hits I'll work harder than I did last year and the year before and see where it goes."

This week's assignment in Houston will include a lot of snaps against Mario Williams.