Mailbag: A frustrated Jags' fan

Josh from Jacksonville writes: What where the Jags thinking going into free agency? At multiple Team Teal rallies Shad Khan said we were "All In" and we were really going to improve through FA and the draft. What happened? I don't think we fixed anything through FA and we still have the same needs going into the draft as we did going into free agency. Fans are frustrated and feel lied to. I'm not saying we should have signed everyone with a big name but we didn't even take a swing at a playmaker. I didn't realize "all in" was Laurent Robinson and Chad Henne. I'm all out of excuses for Gene Smith.

Paul Kuharsky: You raise good points, and I think your feelings reflect those of many Jaguars fans. The other key thing here is that free agency will never be this good again under this CBA. It mandates spending, and teams that have to spend will spend to keep their own players. And that means fewer good players make it to free agency.

But consider where you aim your disappointment. Is it Smith, or did Khan not fund a bigger foray in to free agency?

Matt in Indianapolis writes: What are the Colts going to do at the RB position?

Paul Kuharsky: I don’t know. But if they are a better run-blocking team, I can see Donald Brown and Delone Carter being a functional combo platter.

LuvYaBlue77 from Camden, Del., writes: So Paul if you were the Titans GM would you be done in FA? I thought Tracy Porter/Jason Jones were worth a 1 yr contract. Lastly, where would you look in the draft?

Paul Kuharsky: Still look for cheap depth, maybe an offensive line candidate. Jones has a knee issue that scared them, and he was free to choose to go. I would have left too, after they couldn’t figure out my position. I like Porter, but I like Alterraun Verner too. Defensive end remains the top priority. But they could go a lot of different ways at No. 20.

Joey from San Antonio, Texas, writes: I know he isn't a current AFC South player, but I don't see why certain teams in the division shouldn't target him... So my question is why isn't the market bigger for Mike Wallace from the Steelers? He would be a nice target for Andrew Luck in Indy, and Jacksonville could use the help as well. Houston still needs a reliable #2 behind Andre, and as a Titans fan, I certainly wouldn't turn him down either.

Paul Kuharsky: Wallace isn’t an unrestricted free agent, he’s a restricted free agent. The Colts can’t get him to help Luck, because the compensation for him would be the first-round pick they’ll be using to draft Luck. The process for an RFA like Wallace: Sign him to an offer sheet, which will be expensive. If the Steelers don’t match, give up your original first round pick as compensation. Other AFC south teams: Jaguars have the seventh pick and might use it for a pass rusher, though they certainly need a receiver. Titans think they are OK at WR and have other needs. Texans have cap restrictions that would make it hard to entice Wallace.

Jeff Oxford from Denver writes: Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. I love being right.

Paul Kuharsky: Hearty congrats!

Now can you please tell me what it is you were right about?